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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Seminar Instructions


From Madison Downtown (Lowell Center, Madison Inn, Memorial Union)

Head west on Langdon until you reach Park Street. Cross Park street and head left. When you pass science hall, (large red brick building), go right up the steps and up Bascom Hill. Bascom Hall is at the top of the hill. Go left (passing Abraham Lincoln seated at the top of Bascom hall), and head slightly right toward a building with Telescopes on the roof, this is Sterling Hall. Directly in front of this with a courtyard in between, is Chamberlin Hall (after that is University Avenue). Enter from the courtyard by either of the glass enclosed staircases. Go up two flights of stairs to go to the fourth floor.

From UW’s Union South

Cross Johnson Street and pass through to University Avenue. Go right and cross University at Charter Street. Enter the Chamberlin Hall entrance on Charter street. Go up one floor. Head down the hallway to the elevators or stairs. Go up one more floor to the fourth floor.

From FNAL by Car (Bring Change for Tolls)

Take I-88 Tollway west from FNAL. Merge onto I-39 North towards ROCKFORD. Near Rockford, take tie I-90 W exit towards WISCONSIN. Later, take the 18/12 (exit 142A on the LEFT) towards MADISON. Take the PARK ST exit (261B)and head towards the right on PARK ST. About 4 miles later turn right onto JOHNSON STr and get immediately to the left side of the one-way street. Make a Left on LAKE ST, Cross UNIVERSITY and on your right will be the State Street Ramp parking garage. Park here (be sure to get a receipt when you leave later for reimbursement). On foot go left onto LAKE ST and then right on UNIVERSITY AVE. After crossing PARK ST go right, and then head left up LATHROP DR. After going over a hill and passing the botany greenhouse on your right, this ends up in the courtyard for Chamberlin and Sterling Hall, which has telescopes on the roof, and there are bicycle racks in the courtyard. Here Chamberlin Hall’s backside is glass. Enter by a stairway that sits in the corner. Go up two floors to the fourth floor.

Travel Expenses Reimbursement Request Form

For reimbursement of travel expenses, please fill out the form which can be downloaded from here, and return to

Corentine Kinzley
Department of Physics
1150 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

Information for Non-US Resident Travel Reimbursments

If you are not a Permanent US Resident, and you want to reimbursed for travel expenses, please provide copies of the following documents when you submit your travel expense form (listed by visa type):

H1-B visa: Passport, I-94 card, and Form I-797

J-1 visa: Passport, I-94 card, and Form DS-2019

F-1 Visa: Passport, I-94 card, and Form I-120

B-1/B-2 or WB (visa waiver): Passport and I-94 card