Poster Session – Thursday, March 8



Hierarchies of SUSY splittings – Walter Tangarife, University of Texas, USA



Higgs-strahlung process in the SU(3)xU(1) electroweak model -  David Romero Abad, UNI, Lima, PERU

Romero Abad


Aspects of Planar Non-Commutative Scalar Field Theories - Ivan Davidovich, Institute Balseiro, ARGENTINA



Dimensional Deconstruction and Flavor Violation - Nayara Fonseca de Sa, Institute of Physics, University of Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Fonseca de Sa


CP Violation in Top Decay - Lucia Duarte,  Physics Institute, Engineering Faculty, University of the Republic, URUGUAY



Gamma-Ray  Astrophysics with HAWC, Zigfried Hampel-Arias, University of Wisconsin, USA  (March 9)



Performance of the ATLAS electron and photon trigger with 7 TeV pp collisions at the LHC, Francisco Alonso, IFLP, University of La Plata, ARGENTINA



Entanglement entropy for non-coplanar regions in Quantum Field Theory - David Blanco, Institute Balseiro, ARGENTINA



Deconfinement and chiral restoration in nonlocal SU(3) chiral quark models - Juan Pablo Carlomagno, National University of La Plata, ARGENTINA



A study of the mixing between the B0-B0bar and Bs-Bsbar systems - Nicolas Mileo, National University of La Plata, ARGENTINA



Superintegrability of 5-d Ypq Einstein-Sasaki metrics - Emilio Rubin de Celis, University of Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Rubin de Celis


Studying Next-to Leading Order QCD Corrections to W(=>lnu)bb Production at Hadron Colliders, Juan Guerrero, Institute Balseiro, ARGENTINA



A prototype for a bridge between perturbative and infrared QCD, Fatima Araujo Machado, IFT-UNESP, BRAZIL

Araujo Machado