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University of Wisconsin–Madison
An LHC Experiment

CMS HL-LHC Trigger Workshop, 2017


CMS HL-LHC Trigger Workshop date: May 22 – 24
US CMS HL-LHC Trigger Project Workshop date: May 24 – 25
Registration deadline: May 12
Location: Room 2241, Chamberlin Hall, Madison, Wisconsin

A CMS HL-LHC trigger workshop will be held in Madison Wisconsin on May 22 (9 a.m.) – May 24 (noon), 2017. Following the CMS workshop, there will be a US CMS HL-LHC trigger project workshop starting at 2pm on May 24 and finishing on May 25 at noon.

The focus of this CMS HL-LHC Trigger workshop is:

  • to finalize cost estimate(s)
  • to finalize architecture options
  • to decide what hardware R&D we wish to present in the Interim Document
  • to decide what algorithm studies make it to the Interim Document

US CMS HL-LHC Trigger Upgrade Project meeting:

Taking advantage of the International Phase 2 Trigger workshop at UW Madison May 22-24, US CMS Trigger/DAQ will host a project planning meeting at the same location immediately following May 24/25 (Wed/Thurs). It would be devoted to all aspects of Trigger/DAQ, including the Track Trigger projects and upstream electronics (EB,HB,CSC et al.).

The event format will be two half-days (Wed. PM and Thurs. AM) of mostly face-to-face discussion, with the following goals:

  1. project updates on Trigger/DAQ projects and interfacing electronics
  2. engineering and technical coordination on electronics R&D and demonstrators
  3. participation and coordination for the 2017 L1 trigger interim document, electronics interface specification documents, and preparations for DOE CD1/NSF PDR in 2017.

Attendance from participating engineers is strongly encouraged, in addition to PIs.