Physics 835 - Collider Physics - Fall 2007


Physics 735 and 831 or equivalent would be desirable.

Materials Needed:


MWF 1:20pm - 2:10pm, at 5280 Chamberlin.
Tentative Syllabus

Homework and supplement readings:

Homework problems will be assigned on Fridays, roughly once every two weeks. You are encouraged to discuss with each other, and to work out as much as you can. You are requested to turn them in (for my record and your course grade), but they will not be fully graded. The efforts and differential progress made by you are more important than your actually results. Supplement readings from the reference books and literature will also be assigned.
HW1; HW2; HW3; HW4; HW5; HW6; HW7

Office Hours:

You may go to my office (5289 Chamberlin) for discussions at any time, if you can find me there. An appointment by e-mail or by phone (262-2865) would be preferred.


The course Letter grade will be based on: (a) 50% homework performance (The learning attitude and active engagement are the measure); (b) 30% oral presentation (~20 min., often in Friday's lectures) on a topic at your own choice, or suggested by me (You are supposed to give at least one presentation, based on your supplement reading or your own thinking); (c) 20% participation of discussions during the lectures and after class.
To help your study, I here offer some tips for your consideration.

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