The University of Wisconsin CMS Group

in the High Energy Physics Group of the Department of Physics

The Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment at CERN

University of Wisconsin CMS Group


S. Dasu, M. Herndon, W. H. Smith

Ph. D. Physicists

C. Caillol , S. Djuric, B. Gomber , P. Klabbers, A. Lanaro, R. Loveless, A. Mohapatra, A. Savin, C. Vuosalo

Graduate Students

J. Buchanan , L. Dodd , U. Hussain , K. Long, T. Ruggles, N. Smith, D. Taylor, N. Woods

Undergraduate Students

Catherine Tuanqui

Engineering Staff

D. Bradley, R. Fobes, T. Gorski, A. Svetek, J. Tikalsky, M. Vicente


M. Anderson (Ph.D. 2011), W. Badgett (Scientist), Y. Baek (Postdoc), M. Bachtis (Ph.D. 2012), J. Bellinger (Scientist), A. Belknap (Ph.D. 2015), M. Blake (Engineer), D. Carlsmith (Professor), M. Cepeda (Postdoc), S. Cooperstein (B.S. 2014), J. Efron (Postdoc), E. Friis (Postdoc), L. Gray (Ph.D. 2012), Z. Guo (Engineer), K. Flood (Scientist), K. Grogg (Ph.D. 2011), M. Grothe (Scientist), M. Jaworski (Engineer), J. Lackey (Engineer), J. Klukas (Ph.D. 2012), C. Lazaridis (Ph.D. 2011), J. Leonard (Ph.D. 2011), A. Levine (Ph.D. 2016), S. Lusin (Scientist), W. Maier (Systems Programmer), I. Ojalvo (Postdoc), G. Ott (Engineer), T. Perry (Ph.D. 2016), S. Rader (Director of Computing - Deceased), D. Reeder (Professor), I. Ross (Ph.D. 2013), T. Sarangi (Scientist), J. Swanson (Ph.D. 2013), M. Weinberg (Ph.D. 2011), Tae-Yang You (B.S. 2015)

ATTENTION: We are always recruiting new students interested in CMS research. Please contact Profs. Dasu, Herndon or Smith

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