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University of Wisconsin–Madison


An LHC Experiment

University of Wisconsin CMS Group

LHC ring

LHC ring (Photo: CERN)

The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) is a particle detector in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) located near Geneva, Switzerland.  The University of Wisconsin has an active team of scientists and engineers working on the experiment. The group’s successful completion of the first LHC Run resulted in the discovery of the Higgs boson, thereby completing the Standard Model of Particle Physics. They are now involved in searches for supersymmetry, exotic particles, extra dimensions or whatever else emerges in the debris from the LHC’s record-setting proton collision energies.

Group Members


K. Black, T. Bose, S. Dasu, M. Herndon, W. H. Smith

Ph. D. Physicists

C. Caillol, I. De Bruyn, C. Galloni, A. LanaroA. Mohapatra, D. Pinna, A. Savin, V. Sharma,  T. Ruggles, C. Vuosalo

Graduate Students

J. Buchanan , H. He,  U. Hussain, A. Loeliger,  K. Long, J. Madhusudanan-Sreekala, A. Mallampalli, V. Shang, D. Teague, S. Trembath-Reichert, W. Vetens

Undergraduate Students

K. Downham, E. Koenig, C. McDowell, M. Tost

Engineering Staff

D. Bradley, R. Fobes, T. Gorski, A. Svetek, J. Tikalsky, M. Vicente


R. Loveless (Distinguished Senior Scientist), D. Reeder (Professor)


M. Anderson (Ph.D. 2011), W. Badgett (Scientist), Y. Baek (Postdoc), M. Bachtis (Ph.D. 2012), J. Bellinger (Scientist), A. Belknap (Ph.D. 2015), M. Blake (Engineer), D. Carlsmith (Professor), M. Cepeda (Postdoc), S. Cooperstein (B.S. 2014), S. Djuric (Postdoc), L. Dodd (Ph.D. 2018), J. Efron (Postdoc), E. Friis (Postdoc), B. Gomber (Postdoc), L. Gray (Ph.D. 2012), Z. Guo (Engineer), K. Flood (Scientist), K. Grogg (Ph.D. 2011), M. Grothe (Scientist), M. Jaworski (Engineer), J. Lackey (Engineer), P. Klabbers (Scientist), J. Klukas (Ph.D. 2012), C. Lazaridis (Ph.D. 2011), J. Leonard (Ph.D. 2011), A. Levine (Ph.D. 2016), S. Lusin (Scientist), W. Maier (Systems Programmer), I. Ojalvo (Postdoc), G. Ott (Engineer), T. Perry (Ph.D. 2016), S. Rader (Director of Computing – Deceased), I. Ross (Ph.D. 2013), T. Sarangi (Scientist), N. Smith (Ph.D. 2018), J. Swanson (Ph.D. 2013), D. Taylor (Ph.D. 2017), M. Weinberg (Ph.D. 2011),  N. Woods (Ph.D. 2017), Tae-Yang You (B.S. 2015)

ATTENTION: We are always recruiting new students interested in CMS research. Please contact Profs. Black, Bose, Dasu or Herndon

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