Professor Wesley H. Smith

Bjorn Wiik Professor of Physics
Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin

1150 University Ave., Madison, WI 53706 USA


Office: 4275 Chamberlin, 608-262-4690, Fax: 263-0800, Sec'y: 262-2281, Overseas Cell: 011-41-75-411-4700

CERN: 011-41-22-767-1523, Office: 32/2-C19 , CERN Cell: 16-4700, (CMS: Sec'y:  7-2277 Fax:  7-8940) 

Personal: Tel: 608-251-9610, Fax: 251-9669, Cell: 608-345-2958.

The Particle Physics Adventure, CMS Public Page
WKOWTV Interview on Higgs Nobel Prize
WSJ Article on Higgs & WSJ Article on LHC &
Interview on Wisc. Public Radio (WUUM)

Interview on NPR "Whad'Y Know?" (starts 8'39" into show)
UW News reports: Higgs Search, Trigger, Computing, LHC at Wisconsin
UW High Energy Physics Home Page, US LHC Information
UW Activities and Plans for Research at CMS at the LHC
CMS at LHC (CERN)-- Trigger/DAQ -- Calorimeter Level 1 Trigger
CMS Trigger Technical Design Report -- Level 1 Trigger Page
CCFR (E770/744) at Fermilab -- Following experiment is NuTeV
ZEUS at HERA (DESY)-- Calorimeter First Level Trigger
13th Int'l Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering (DIS05)

Fifth Conference on Electronics for LHC Experiments
Aspen Winter Conference on Particle Physics

Physics 103 Fall '17
Physics 104 Spring '17
Physics 301 Spring '17
UW Physics Dept. Home Page

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