AFS Commands#

The following commands are useful for users. Another set is useful to system administrators. The bare minimum commands any user should know are: “klog” and “tokens”. AFS commands are stored in /usr/afsws/bin, and man pages in /usr/afsws/man.#

fs      - (FileSystem) commands to manage files and ACLs
klog    - obtain authentication token
knfs    - obtain authentication from non-AFS system (NFS) via translator
kpasswd - change authentication password
pts     - (ProTection Server) commands to manage ACL groups
rcp     - afs replacement for normal rcp
rsh     - afs replacement for normal rsh
tokens  - display all tokens
unlog   - discard all tokens

The "pts" commands has a number of subcommands:

ad      adduser         add a user to a group
ap      apropos         search by help text
ch      chown           change ownership of a group
cg      creategroup     create a new group
cu      createuser      create a new user
del     delete          delete a user or group from database
e       examine         examine an entry
h       help            get help on commands
listm   listmax         list max id
listo   listowned       list owned groups
mem     membership      list membership of a user or group
rem     removeuser      remove a user from a group
ren     rename          rename user or group
setf    setfields       set fields for an entry
setm    setmax          set max id

The "fs" command has a number of subcommands:

ap      apropos         search by help text
checks  checkservers    check local cell's servers
checkv  checkvolumes    check volumeID/name mappings
cl      cleanacl        clean up access control list
co      copyacl         copy access control list
de      debug           set debugging info
df      diskfree        show server disk space usage
exa/lv  examine         display volume status
exp     exportafs       enable/disable translators to AFS
        flush           flush file from cache
flushv  flushvolume     flush all data in volume
getca   getcacheparms   get cache usage info
getce   getcellstatus   get cell status
gets/gp getserverprefs  get file server ranks
h       help            get help on commands
la      listacl         list access control list
listc   listcells       list configured cells
lq      listquota       list volume quota
ls      lsmount         list mount point
me      messages        control Cache Manager messages
        mkmount         make mount point
        monitor         set cache monitor host address
        newcell         configure new cell
q       quota           show volume quota usage
rm      rmmount         remove mount point
sa      setacl          set access control list
setca   setcachesize    set cache size
setce   setcell         set cell status
sq      setquota        set volume quota
sets/sp setserverprefs  set file server ranks
sv      setvol          set volume status
sy      sysname         get/set sysname (i.e. @sys) value
whe     whereis         list file's location
whi     whichcell       list file's cell
ws      wscell          list workstation's cell