How to update SITECONF files such as site-local-config.xml and storage.xml (aka the TFC)#

There are two steps. First check in changes to the central repository. Then update the copy of SITECONF in /cvmfs/ that is used by the worker nodes. The worker nodes use the SITECONF that is pointed to by the symlink /cvmfs/ Where that symlink points is controlled by an environment variable CMS_LOCAL_SITE in /etc/cvmfs/config.d/

Updating the central repository#

See for information about how to set up an ssh key authorized to check in changes to our SITECONF repository in GitLab.#

 cd /scratch/sitegit
 git clone ssh://

Make changes to the files and then commit and push them to the central repository.#

 # hack hack
 git commit -m "Description of changes" -a
 git push

Then wait for the changes to propagate from CERN.#

More information about SITECONF#