CMS CRAB Glidein Server Wisconsin T3 Group#

We requested the ability to prioritize jobs from Wisconsin T3 users on T3 resources (i.e. machines paid for with funds other than the USCMS T2 funds). This is tricky when using the CRAB glidein scheduler, because glideins are submitted to our site with a pilot proxy, not with the user proxy, and we have no knowledge or control over who runs jobs on that glidein.#

Igor addressed this by adding a Wisc T3 group to the glideinWMS frontend. The glideins submitted for this group use a specific pilot DN that we prioritize on T3 resources using machine RANK. Until there is a better solution, he has a hard-coded list of user DNs that are the members of the Wisc T3 group. Jobs from these users can run on either Wisc T3 glideins or general-purpose CMS glideins.#


Select the “WiscT3” group on the following page:#


Periodically, the list of users in the Wisc T3 group should be reviewed. Changes need to be signed and emailed to the cms-wms-support list.#

The most recent list went requested is here: /afs/hep/condor/etc/wisct3users#