• Server (VM): xrdshoveler.hep.wisc.edu
  • Config: /etc/xrootd-monitoring-shoveler/
  • Service: systemctl status xrootd-monitoring-shoveler.service
  • Log file: journalctl -u xrootd-monitoring-shoveler.service -f
  • Token Info: A valid token is needed/used to authenticate and authorize the shoveler with the message bus. Currently Fabio is providing a long-lived token (We have configured the installation with a token renewer service. But it is in a semi-functional state, and needs to be made whole.
  • Installation Info (OSG): Installation, configuration, and token-renewal procedure are described in details at https://osg-htc.org/docs/data/xrootd/install-shoveler/
  • Puppet config: xrootd/files/shoveler/