DIS 2005 XIII International Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering, April 27-May 1, 2005, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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For Speakers

Each seminar room will be equipped with the following:

  • Video projector
  • Overhead projector for transparencies
  • Whiteboard with pens
  • Laser pointer

Please prepare your talk in digital form (e.g., PowerPoint, PDF, PostScript) and upload it to your talk entry at the DIS05 agenda web site.

Once you've navigated to your talk, click on modify, enter the password, click on your talk title, click on attach files, and select transparencies. (The appropiate password will be sent to you by the inviting working group organizer)

PowerPoint (.ppt) and PostScript (.ps) are automatically converted to PDF (.pdf) shortly after uploading, but speakers can upload any of these formats. Advice for cross-platform PowerPoint compatibility can be found at PPTools. Please avoid animations and special fonts.

Note: embedded fonts and/or animations may not convert correctly to PDF format. Use standard fonts for your presentation!

To ensure readability, please keep font sizes at 18pt or larger.

After uploading, please immediately check that your file when downloaded displays properly. Malformed files will be deleted to avoid problems for partipcipants. Long (> 5 MB) postscript files should be made into PDF or gzipped before uploading.

Please follow this file naming when uploading your talk:

      session-lastname.ext -- where:

  • session = pl (plenary), sf (structure functions), df (diffractive), ew (electroweak), hfs (hadronic final states), hfl (heavy flavors), sp (spin), fu (future)
  • lastname = your last name
  • ext = ppt, pdf, ps or .ps.gz. (This is required)