Govinda Dasu

physics concepts and cognition

Govinda and Sridhara Dasu are working on a project to study the student learning and cognition of physics in traditional courses.

current survey

Currently, we are asking to answer this question three times, once right away, the second time after watching survey video 1, and the third time after watching survey video 2.

A golf ball and a bowling ball are let go from the top of a building to fall freely to the ground. Which ball hits the ground first:

  1. Golf ball
  2. Bowling ball
  3. Both balls hit the ground at the same time

About Govinda Dasu

Govinda Dasu was born in Madison, Wisconsin on July 4th, 1994. Besides graduate research in human computer interaction, with a focus on learning technologies, he is also a social entrepreneur. Govinda Dasu’s main web page and blog is at: Govinda DasuIn high school he made a bunch of discussion videos for fun: videos. The most popular of those debates are: 1) God exists 2) Harry Potter promotes witchcraftGovinda Dasu published his grandfather’s translations of music lyrics, Sangeeta Sudha, in a mobile application: iOS, Android.